Devalia Park Gypsy Safari

Nestled in the Gir forest, the Gir Interpretation Zone, Devalia (popularly known as Devalia Safari Park) is a mini version of Gir. The 412-hectare safari park has almost all representative wildlife and forests of Gir. The foresight behind the safari park’s conception was to create awareness about the Gir ecosystem’s conservation values and to provide a unique and unforgettable experience to the visitors. Within a short period of time, one can expect to sight Asiatic lions (only found freely venturing in the Gujarat state) and other wildlife in their almost natural habitat. An open moat showcases the beauty of the Indian leopard in an enchanting near-natural world. One can also experience and appreciate the beauty of other wildlife such as spotted deer, sambar, blue bulls, blackbuck, wild boars, Indian golden jackal, endangered and critically endangered vulture species, jungle cat and myriad species of birds. The safari park is best observed in three different seasons (monsoon, winter, summer) in a year that gives an altogether different experience of tints and hues of Gir forest.

The park has three safari routes to observe the wildlife and wilderness. Forest departments’ specifically designed mini safari buses operate from Devalia Safari Park’s reception area. These safaris ensure an excellent sighting and unique wilderness experience. To have a personalized safari experience, one can also take a safari gypsy with a trained eco-guide from Sinh Sadan Campus. Only a maximum of six visitors (plus one child between 3-12 years) are allowed in each gypsy.

Payment and Cancellation Policy

In case of cancellation 45 – 60 days, 50% of the balance amount will be refunded 

In case of cancellation 30 – 45 days, 25% of the balance amount will be refunded 

In case of cancellation 0 – 30 days, No Refund will be made 

If tour gets cancelled by Indian Wild Safari, then 100% of the total amount shall be refunded 

How To Reach Devalia Safari Park

By Road :- It is around 56 km from Junagadh and approximately 13 km from Sasan village. If you are travelling outside Gujarat, then the two most common bases for visiting are Rajkot (160 km) and Ahmedabad (375 km). The reception centre is located both at Devalia Safari Park and Sinh Sadan Campus, Sasan.

By Rail :- The nearest railway station is at Sasan village, approximately 13 km from the park. One can travel by train to Junagadh from Rajkot or Ahmedabad and then take a local train to Sasan or make a 55 km road trip. Regular bus and taxi service are also readily available.

By Air :- The nearest airport is Rajkot which is around 160 km away. Other options are airports at Diu and Ahmedabad.

Time Table

Vehicle Type Particulars Morning Timings Evening Timings

Note: Devalia Safari Park remains closed on every wednesday.